Indian family as a social institution grass root democratic unit is well known for the emotional bond and physical support, it provides to its extended members. Many a time it fails to respond the specific needs of women, especially for women in difficult circumstance like widows, destitute and deserted women, women ex-prisoners, victims of sexual abuse and crimes, including those trafficked and rescued from brothels, migrant or refugee women rendered homeless due to natural calamities, mentally challenged women, women victims of terrorist violence etc. . often the supports of immediate or extended family are not available due to economic instability of the family to provide such women out of the system to lead lives of sub survival and survival of the dependent children. With the financial support from the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of india, the Organisation is running Swadhar Shelter Home and Helpline at Keishamthong Moirangningthou Leirak, Imphal West District, Manipur.

Supporting following categories of Women

1)Widows deserted by their families and relatives and left uncared.

2) Women prisoners released from jail and without family support.

3)Women survivors of natural disaster who have been rendered homeless.

4) Trafficked women and girls rescued or runaway from brothels.

5)Women victims to terrorist or extremist violence.

6)Mentally challenged women having no support.

7)Women with HIV/AIDS deserted by their family and without any financial support.



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