Aged welfare Programme

With the ever-increasing nuclear family structure, the aged, who were the unidentified bread earners in the past are neglected day by day. It's extremely hard to sustain their life. With our minimum expenses, to their gloomy path of life is being given with the Women's Voluntary Organisation - WVO, Keishamthong, Imphal initiated programme for day care of aged person. It has been benefitted to 25 aged person both man and women by health care and recreational programme at Keishamthong, Imphal West District, Manipur.

Diary Development Programme

Besides other livelihood alternatives Dairying has emerged as also one of the most important livelihood options for the poor since the dairying has become very much beneficial and remunerative enough to take up the activity with commercial orientation. In this year too as part of the promotion and development of agriculture and allied sector, Women's Voluntary Organisation had organised a week long trainign programme on dairy development among the rural youths. The programme emphasized on the technical and economic feasibility in taking up dairying as a business proposition.

Environment Awareness Campaign

The Organisation is able to educate the potential children and students to protest and preserve the nature for the better future. Due to the eradication for forest less rainfall, less crops, starvation insufficient natural resources the pollution causing different kind of health hazards and brought to the notice emphasis is given to trace plantation and preservation of nature Avoid/lessen the pollution 2015. The programme was conducted with the technical guidance and support from Fooda and Nutrition Extension, Department of Women and Child, 50 women wa taken part in the programme.

Food Preservation Training Programme

A week long training programme on food procession and preservation was organised at Keishamthong Moirangningthou Leirak, Imphal West Distric. In the said programme prepare and preserve juice, squash, jam, jelly & pickle. The programme was participated by 40 individuals. In the Programme the participants were taught how to prepare various forms of prservation of foods. The main aim of the programme was to make sure that to have knowledge about the preservation of foods. The main aim of the programme was to make sure that to have knowledge about the preservation of food and maintenance of balance diet in preparation of their everyday home food.

Free Coaching class for OBC/ST/SC Students

Twice a month the organisation had been doing free Coaching Class for OBC/ST/SC student in different region. Each and every program more than 40 to 50 students are participated during the class. The main aim and object of this programme is to make and understand moral education for the human society.

Games & Sports

During the Yaoshang festival the organisation along with the local club have organised sport festival. The idea is to develop games and sports as a means to spread the message of oneness.

Handloom & Handicraft Development Programme

Majority of the Manipur women are economically productive. In many cases they are bread earners of their family. in rural areas of Manipur majority of the households have a loom. However, the production frim local wevers are in primitives stage and cannot be competed in the National & International market due to lack of proper training and guidance. Taking into consideration the above facts, the organisation hs conducted a month long Handloom & Handicraft training programme.  The training programme was participated by many young women and they have been imparted skill training in the concerned trade with latest design & technique including managerial skill for production and marketing. Raw materials and other necessary machinery & equipment were provided to the trainees during the training period. They were also from into SHG for follow up action.

HIV/AIDS Awarenesss Camp

HIV/AIDS is one such fall-out of lack of knowledge about the after effects of indulging in unsafe sex. Unchecked and rampant us of injection drugs among the youth is another glaring reason for contacting AIDS, WVO as a responsible organisation feels the need to create awareness among the people about these issues, and it has been active in organising several such campaigns. WVO has been observing World AIDS Day every year. Awareness on the existence, modes of transmission, prognosis, prevention and treatment strategy of HIV/AIDS, STDs was carried out. Following a two way strategy of information dissipation, target group was made aware of the Basic minimum pamphlets were also distributed as a part of the programme.

SHGs Training & Awareness Programme

Recognizing the contemporary importance of SHGs om uplifting theh status of the women in the society both financially and physically, many motivation and training camps were organised at different districts of Manipur & Assam state. In the current year many SHGs were promoted in the area of fish farming & vending, vegetable vending, handloom and handicraft respectively.

Vocational Training Programme on Tailoring, Wool Knitting & Embroidery

The Women's Voluntary Organisation - WVO, Keishamthong, Imphal has conducted a month long vocational trainign programme on Tailoring, Wool Knitting & Embroidery at the office complex. After imparting training all the trainees were organised in to SHGs and gave credit support to start income generating activities.

Women & Child Health care Camp

Two times "One Day health Care Camp" were organised at the premised of the Women's Voluntary Organisation office at Keishamthong Moirangningthou leirak, Imphal West. In the said programme about 200 local people were examined about their health status. Medicine was also distributed to the people. Similarly, another health care camp was organised with special focus on the increasing and alarming number of patients suffering from diabetes & heart patients.

Destitute Women's Welfare Programme

Destitute women welfare programme was held along th=with other clubs and Organisation. The main motive of the programme is to find a source of income for the destitute women. It also highlighted their role in the society and thus to enrich their way of living.

Horticulture Development Programme

One day lecture programme on horticulture programme was held in different region by the Women's Voluntary Organisation. The programme highlighted the role horticulture in the changing socio-economic status of rural life. The programme emphasized the youths to take up horticulture as a profession.

Fishery Development Programme

The organisation in collaboration with the Fisheries Department, Government of Manipur conducted 2 weeks long training programme on fish sponge production at Mayang Imphal, Thoubal District of Manipur. The programme was benefitted to 60 farmers of the area with practical demonstration as well as modern technology of fish sponge production.

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