Aim and Objectives

1) To undertake programme for the welfare of rehabilitation centre providint adequate facilities and services for women and children, and maintain centre to promote voluntary acceptance of the small family norms through Family Welfare programme.

2) To organise awareness programmes, seminars, meetings, workshops, conferences for Human Rights, Work Camps Exhibitions for accelerating the work on rural and urban development.

3) To take up different schemes and training for S.T, S.C and O.B.C and other economically backward classes below poverty line and to conduct and impart training of rural artisans and landless labourers.

4) To establish street children programme, National Children Fund scheme, Working Women, Swadhar Shelter Home & Helpline, Working Children and training for Employment and Income Generation production unit for women, to work for prevention of atrocities on women.

5) To establish adaptation child labour, education programme for victims of child labour and their families and to take up programme against child labour and abuses, welfare of street and working children, HIV/AIDS infected child and women shelter home to work for upgrading overall of children by addressing the child's right and to promote the health status of the masses by taking up reproductive and child health and to organise regular health awareness campus.

6) Capacity Building on human capital, economic capital and social capital enveloping CBOs, community capacity and grassroots NGOs.

7) Strengthening long-term capacity of people to attain a platform to prusue economic social and political rights.

8) Creation of livelihood opportunities for enhancing perople's capacity to utilize both Farm NRM and Non Farm NR / Off Rarm opportunities for livelihood security.

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