Micro Finance

Micro finance is a financial innovation that has emerged through many experiments with poverty alleviation programmes carried out in different areas. It has successfully enabled improvised people to engage in Self Employment project that allow them to generate an income and in many cases, to build wealth and exit poverty. Micro finance involves mobilization of saving through bank, extension of small loan, micro insurance and essentially an element of capacity building of the beneficiaries to label them more per-bankable than non-bankable.

Since inception, the WVO has undertaken various developments programme. Moreover, it has various training cum production centre called micro enterprise, units for SHGs. WVO, aims to make available financial services to the women from the lower income group at the lowest possible cost at their doorsteps and revive the root of banking besides making a lasting social and financial impact on individuals. It is also working towards generating substantial job opportunities and economics benefits for the society at large. It has increased the availability to wider range of financial service for the poor people and then use of those services through the process of expansion as well as consolidation of the Micro-finance programme and creation/facilitation of sustainable community based micro-finance institution.

Disbursement of fund to SHGs

Disursement of loan SHGs, Sponsored by NEDFi Ltd.


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