Micro-Enterprises and Livelihood

Micro-Enterprises and Livelihood:

Women's Voluntary Organisation (WVO) has also worked in areas often related to inadequate income and lack of livelihood and employment. Poverty alleviation us a short-term improvement of the poor's capital endowment. Micro-finance implies providing the poor especially women with saving and credit facilities to set up or expand business, invest in self employment activities and increase household security.

Production credit enables the entrepreneurial poor to undertake income generation activities especially among the youths. Income generation and livelihood practices enable youths and women to have access to income, enhanced decision making on health, education and consumption among others. They make or produce products such as handloom, handicraft items, embroidery, ready made garments. Silk rearing and weaving, etc...

WVO provides a common platform for marketing their products so that there is no burden or hassle for searching market place.

WVO has been promoting livelihood and micro-enterprise through SHGs. This effort has used the local resource in systematic manner and produced designed cost effective consumer production. The productions are usually marked among local household and nearby SHGs under cross marketing strategy. WVO has made a preliminary effort to consolidate the existing cross marketing system and bring several networks of SHGs base on their products and promote those in existing regular markets. To strengthen this strategy, WVO has been supporting SHGs through Micro-Finance and provide Technical knowledge and management skill input to the entrepreneurs.

The noble mission of the enterprise is to harness the potentiality of rural marketing by making it more inclusive for poor with sustained benefits for them. In its mission and goal the venture has aimed at providing demand based business development services for SHG producers to enhance their household income and targeted at creating thousand and thousand successful Micro-Entrepreneurs through market access.

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